The Right Guitar Techniques and Style of Music to Learn

The Right Guitar Techniques and Style of Music to Learn

Some of the greatest songs serve as inspiration for people to start playing the guitar. Watching their favourite guitarist rip across the fret, leaves enthusiasts wanting to be just like their heroes. To any seasoned guitarist, this is perhaps the first step to learning the instrument – the fascination. Even if you have never touched an instrument before, the guitar is a great place to start. However, it is important that you choose the right style of guitar picking to go with the music you like.

Each style of music has its own technique when it comes to guitar playing. So, either pick the style of music and learn the guitar technique for it or try the technique and choose the style of music you can play with it. Guitars can also choose between the types of guitars they want to start playing when they start off. Electric guitars and acoustic guitars are the two main types that people choose. The acoustic is a favourite when starting off a guitar course.

The Main Lead

The main guitarist that you probably have noticed in the music videos are the lead guitarists. They play the lead and are the ones that steal the show. They usually accompany a vocalist or other instruments to form the rich leading sound of the music piece or song. If you are interested in playing rock, blues, heavy metal or even jazz, then the electric guitar is the one you should be mastering. For a smaller audience or playing folk music, the acoustic guitar is simply the best.

Picking the Guitar


The technique of achieving the sound from any guitar is called as picking. Essentially comes from the act of picking at the strings of the guitar with your fingers. Great artists master their style of finger picking and can modulate the instrument to a large degree to achieve interesting and epic sounds. There are different styles of music that can be played with the type of finger picking technique you choose. Some artists strum entire chords throughout the song or some pick individual strings you achieve the right bass, treble and vibrations to accompany the song.

Small Steps to Build A Big Concert

For a beginner, it is important to first understand the type of chords there are in music. Once they have mastered the chords, it is easy to play absolutely any song under the sun. However, the finger picking technique is a little more advanced and will require some patient practice. Guitarists who know and understand the chords in music, can pick up learning the significance of each individual string easily too.

Learning how to play the guitar is a journey that many people cherish. It can be mastered at a very young age and the guitarist can grow and mature in their style over time. There are also people who pick up the instrument much later in life and master it in a matter of years. Many famous musicians also have YouTube channels and online classes where they teach people the basics of playing the guitar. An enthusiastic learner can choose one of the many resources to learn and master their instrument, in the style that they are drawn to.

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