The Music That Emerged from Under the Ground and Lit-up Hearts

Alternative rock is a genre of rock music that confused, yet, enthralled listeners who were used to the usual rock music, that they were used to.  The huge popularity of the genre laid hidden for a long time but was known by ardent music fans worldwide. When the media and larger audience caught whiff of the interesting tones and styles, that the genre produced, there was a craving for more.

Much of the music that was produced in the underground like punk and alternative rock was not considered normal, at a time, when there were predominant artists producing, familiar music. However, it is these underground jewels that lay the foundation for, what we call, popular music today.

The Beginning of The Underground Era

In the 1980s, is when underground artists started emerging and gaining popularity. Indie artists such as Stone Roses and Happy Mondays started producing unique music and people loved it. Soon mainstream media picked up on their gems and started airing them for everyone to enjoy. With this new introduction, bands such as Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins started making a name for themselves.

By the 90s there were many more artists that started emerging producing music that was unique I rhythm and tones. Blur, Oasis, Nine Inch Nails, No Doubt and Pulp are some of these big names. By the time fans were satisfied with the new introduction in music, more artists started producing new genres of music. This was the beginning of what we now call alternative music genres. The term alternative is fitting because, these genres use the original genre’s base beat and rhyme yet add creative alternatives.

Alternative Rock Music

This is one of the first types of underground music genres that emerged. After the 1990s, the genre became immensely popular. Even though most of the music classified as Alternative Rock is supposed to be rock, they have a hint of folk mixed into it. Other genres mixed in with rock are reggae, electronic and jazz as well. A lot of the alternative rock artists were not picked up by mainstream labels because of their “weird” genre. However, college radio and independent artist releases made it possible for the ace of underground music, begin to find a home in the hearts of fans.

Alternative Dance Music

Alternative dance music was the next kind of the underground music that began to take off, after alternative rock. The music comprises mainly of electronic music that were strung together with a lot of heavy drumming loops. The synthesizer was also introduced, and a new form of music emerged. The genre combined dance and acid techniques. The cost to produce alternative dance music was substantial because of the quality of sound, that electronic music required. This started up the revolution of introducing technologically savvy inclusions to produce music.

Alternative Country

Finding an alternative to country music was a task. Country music is always set for a genre of audience and a very difficult audience to convert as well. However, artists managed to combine some indie styles, electronic and rock to produce the genre. This made country music a lot more appealing to the audiences, who did not favour country in the past.