The Folk and Flavour Behind the Ukulele

The Folk and Flavour Behind the Ukulele

There are so many instruments that you can choose to learn. However, almost everyone is drawn to the beautiful folk style of the ukulele. The ukulele has only 4 strings and is an easier choice when it comes to mastering. People also find that the ukulele is very easy to manage when compared to a large guitar mainly because of its size.

If you have small hands, then don’t even try to learn the guitar. The guitar fret is very difficult to reach and master and might soon dampen learning efforts. For this reason alone, the ukulele is a favourite. The instrument originates from Hawaii and the music played was folk Hawaiian music.

Tones and Styles

The tones that can be played on the Ukulele is predominantly limited. Unlike the guitar, the ukulele offers a small variety of music styles that can be played on it. Guitarists who choose to play the ukulele are usually those who want to pick it up for fun and play between a group of friends. However, there are heavier styles that can be played on the ukulele. Though it might not sound the same, experiments are always welcome in the field of music.

The Budget to Work With

Depending on the amount of money you have, you can choose to buy your instrument of choice. Guitars are a little more expensive and can cost $100 and upwards. A ukulele on the other hand is a lot cheaper. You can pick up a good ukulele from $20 or over. Most people are also willing to give away their guitars for purchase on second hand than they would a ukulele.

Learning Curve


Learning how to play the ukulele is a lot easier than a guitar. People who want to start playing a lot quicker are better off choosing a ukulele than choosing a guitar. The frets of the ukulele are easy to access as well and makes the whole learning curve very simple. The guitar on the other hand is tougher to learn but the range and music you can make with it is vast.

Best Way to Learn a Ukulele

This is by far the easiest instrument to learn and the best way you can learn is right at home and online. There are many websites that offer courses for ukulele learners and at a fast track learning pace as well. In no time, as a guitarist, you will learn the ukulele and be able to explore your capabilities. The key to learning and mastering the ukulele is to spend dedicated time toward learning. Make sure that you have a set time of day to practice every day. There are courses that are set to teach students are a pace that they can choose right at the start.

Commitment and Time

Apps such as Yousician are also a great way you can learn the ukulele. The price is reasonable, and the commitment is also flexible. By choosing an app to teach you, you can easily commit to learning no matter where you are. A break for 20 minutes during your lunch even in a park will give you your dose of practice for the day.

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