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Artists Who Influenced Soul Music

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African American music made a big impact on the music lovers around the world. A fitting name to describe the genre was Soul. The late 1950s, saw the rise of Soul music artists with the rising popularity of gospel music in the African American churches. The song originates from the times when slavery was predominant in America. The Africans were not allowed to worship, in the churches that the whites went to. Hence, they set up their own churches and same the same songs that the white Americans sang. In fact, they improvised and included a twist to the style with innovative voice modulations. The upbeat tempo they adopted, along with singing and dancing seemed to convey the true meaning of the songs, that were traditionally sang at a very slow tempo. Ray Charles Ray Charles is one of the famous artists, who influenced the type of soul music that was up-tempo. His song “I’ve got a woman” is a version of a gospel song, which is very slow. The gospel version was sung in churches, while the Ray Charles version was developed as a record for the rest of world to enjoy. Ray Charles does the same to a...

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