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Most Popular Music Genres Today

Music comes in many different styles and forms. Your location, culture, and taste in various other things will most likely determine what kind of music you listen to. There are so many different styles of music ranging from jazz and classical music to traditional rock and country music. With each genre of music comes a rich history and geographical importance. With that has come many changes in music throughout the years. How music is written, played, and listened to has greatly changed throughout the last several decades. Even though everything has changed when it comes to music, especially the artists and composers; one thing has not changed, and that is the different genres of music available. Here are the most popular music genres today.

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Top Music Genres and Their Origins

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There are now over 1,700 sub-genres of music after the proliferation in the 20th century. New sub-genres are usually based on existing ones and created by mixing or modifying them. There are way too many genres to list them all here, but let’s look at the nine most popular music genres, their history, and their classification. What is a Music Genre? A genre is a way to categorize music according to a particular set of conventions or traditions. It is not the same as musical style or form. Music genres have three variables which define it: Valence: The emotional feeling of the song. Arousal: The energy level of the song. Depth: The songs emotional depth level. Keep in mind that music genres often overlap. Since music is a creative field, genre classifications are subjective depending on the listener as well. Not everyone will have the same reaction to a given song. And without further ado, here’s the list of the top nine genres in popular music: Blues The blues originated in the deep south with African Americans. Deep and soulful sounds and enchanting lyrics capture the attention of the audience. Year of the genre’s conception can be placed at around...

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