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The Gift of Music for Health and Healing

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Music is all around us in many forms. In nature, we hear birds singing, a brook babbling, crickets and frogs chirping in harmony. If you listen carefully, rain falling on a roof can sound like planned rhythm. Music has existed for as long as man, perhaps even before. In ancient times, people gathered around to sing and accompanied their songs with clapping, using their bodies as instruments. Music, in all its glorious variety, is still a fundamental part of every culture in the world, including tribal groups which are isolated from the rest of society. In fact, in some places, musicians are elevated to god-like status. But why is it so important that it seems ingrained into our very being? Music is influential on our brains and many of its cognitive functions. Brain health, intelligence, mood, learning, focus and age are all improved through music. It is a gift for our well-being. Music sensibility is as fundamental to humans as language is. Music and the Brain Scientists say that music stimulates more of our brain than anything else. It has the power to change the structure of the brain through a process called epigenetics. In fact, the brains of musicians...

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