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Where Did the Blues Come From? Origins of the Blues Music Genre

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The blues is a musical form that came from within the Deep South in the late 1800s after the civil war; especially Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana. Although the origins of the blues genre are as American as you can get, its roots are steeped in tragedy, thus how the style got its name. Slavery and the Blues Hundreds of years of slavery brought field hollers, spirituals and work songs with it. African American’s expressed their sufferings and hope through music that became known as the blues. It’s generally known that the blues came from old African forms of music combined with the styles of country dance and revivalist hymns. Unfortunately, most of the earliest forms of it went to the graves with the first slaves and sharecroppers. Back in those days, it was not possible to record it for all of posterity. The earliest recorded forms of the blues that we have are from the 1920s. If you’re interested in hearing some, look for artists like: Leadbelly Charlie Patton Son House Blind Lemon Jefferson The Blues Goes Mainstream A man named W.C. Handy helped raise public awareness of the blues genre in 1912. He transcribed and published sheet music for...

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