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Artists Who Influenced Soul Music

African American music made a big impact on the music lovers around the world. A fitting name to describe the genre was Soul. The late 1950s, saw the rise of Soul music artists with the rising popularity of gospel music in the African American churches. The song originates from the times when slavery was predominant in America. The Africans were […]

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The Right Guitar Techniques and Style of Music to Learn

Some of the greatest songs serve as inspiration for people to start playing the guitar. Watching their favourite guitarist rip across the fret, leaves enthusiasts wanting to be just like their heroes. To any seasoned guitarist, this is perhaps the first step to learning the instrument – the fascination. Even if you have never touched an instrument before, the guitar is […]

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The Folk and Flavour Behind the Ukulele

There are so many instruments that you can choose to learn. However, almost everyone is drawn to the beautiful folk style of the ukulele. The ukulele has only 4 strings and is an easier choice when it comes to mastering. People also find that the ukulele is very easy to manage when compared to a large guitar mainly because of […]

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